Coach Hedges

Head Coach 1959-76


John Elmer “Jack” Hedges was born on June 25, 1925. He was born in Richmond, California, but his family moved to Long Beach and eventually settled in Wilmington where Jack attended Banning High School.  A successful high school athlete, Jack broke Banning’s mile record while running in the Los Angeles City Track finals.  He graduated from Banning High School in 1943 and attended Compton Community College for one year before enlisting in the Army. During his brief time at Compton, Jack quarterbacked the football team. After his military service in the Philippines during World War II, he returned to California to attend Whittier College in 1946. While at Whittier College Jack participated in track and met his wife of 45 years, Patricia. Jack graduated from Whittier College with a degree in Physical Education.

Jack began his teaching and coaching career at Huntington Beach High School in 1953.  He moved over to Westminster High School when the school opened in 1959, where he taught physical education and math. Jack coached cross country and track at Westminster for 17 years during his 34 year teaching career.  Coach Hedges brought Westminster to state prominence in cross country with 3 Large School CIF Southern Section Championships. At a time when there was no official state championship meet, many ranked these teams as number one in the state. Jack’s teams were recognized on a national level by placing 4 of his teams in top 10 of the Track and Field News National Postal Competition with a second place finish in 1966.  Jack was recognized as the CIF SS Large School Cross Country Coach of the Year in 1964 and 1967.

Competing in the Freeway and Sunset Leagues, Jack’s cross country teams won at all levels of completion with 7 straight varsity league titles, 11 junior varsity league titles and 6 frosh league titles. He was named 4 times as the Sunset League Coach of the Year.   His teams won 3 large schools cross country titles at the Mt. SAC Invitational where the top schools in the state competed. He was the first to be inducted into the Mt. SAC Invitational Hall of Fame in 1994. In track, Jack was successful in winning a Varsity Sunset League title in 1966 and he coached three CIF SS mile champions in 1965, 1967 and 1974. Also, 2 of these individuals were state champions.

  • First inductee into the Mt. Sac Cross Country Invitational Hall of Fame (1994)
  • Inducted into the CIF/SS Hall of Fame (2014)
  • Overall Varsity Cross Country League Record 106-27, 89-25 in league (43 league wins in a row)
  • Overall Junior Varsity Cross Country League Record 108-9 (85 straight league wins)
  • 3 Individual League Cross Country Champions
  • 10 Individual League Track Champions


The information above represents the highlights of Jack’s successful coaching and teaching career at Westminster High School. He was a Lion at heart and was always encouraging his athletes and students to strive for their best in whatever they did. A large percentage of the athletes he coached continued running at the college level and were members of college championship teams. One runner continued running after college and became a national marathon champion in 1973. Jack instilled his strong work ethic into his athletes. In fact, he was contacted by military representatives because some of his runners that joined the military after high school did so well meeting the military physical testing standards that they wanted to know about his training techniques.  A testament to the relationships that Jack established among his athletes and students is the number who contacted or visited with him prior to his passing on July 25, 2013. He was a friend and mentor and had a major impact on the lives of those who were fortunate to call him coach or have him as a teacher.


jACK Hedges’ High School Coaching RECORD



Cross Country Teams





1964 11th Place

1965 9th Place

1966 2nd Place

1968 37th Place

1969 10th Place

1970 42nd Place

1971 49th Place

1974 45th Place



One of 5 Coaches to win 3 or more CIF Championships from 1926-1976

1958 2nd Place (Huntington Beach – Assistant Coach) Large Schools

1960 5th Place Small Schools

1962 5th Place (3A Division)

1963 1st Place (3A Division)

1964 2nd Place (3A Division)

1965 1st Place (3A Division)

1966 1st Place (3A Division)

1967 8th Place (3A Division)

1968 9th Place (3A Division)

1969 4th Place (3A Division)

1973 6th CIF Prelims (4A Division)



Freeway League (1958-1961), Sunset League (1962-1976)

Record Overall 106-27, 89-25 in league (including 43 league wins in a row),

7 league titles in a row

Jack Hedges - League Coach of the Year (4 Times)

1958       1st Place (Huntington Beach – Assistant Coach)                  

1959       5-1 2nd Place ( 2-1 non-league)

1960       4-2 2nd Place      

1961       4-3 4th Place

1962       6-1 2nd Place     (2-0 non-league)

1963       6-0 1st Place        (3-0 non-league)

1964       6-0 1st Place        (3-0 non-league)             

1965       5-0 1st Place        (1-0 non-league)

1966       5-0 1st Place        (4-0 non-league)

1967       7-0 1st Place                       

1968       7-0 1st Place        (1-0 non-league)

1969       7-0 1st Place                       

1970       4-2 3rd Place

1971       2-4 5th Place       

1972       6-1 3rd Place        (2-1 non-league)             

1973       6-1 2nd Place      

1974       2-5 4th Place       

1975       5-2 3rd Place

1976       2-3 5th Place




1963 1st Place

1964 2nd Place

1965 1st Place (New Team Course Record)

1966 1st Place (New Team Course Record)

1967 2nd Place


1994 Jack Hedges Inducted into Mt. Sac Cross Country Invitational Hall of Fame




League MEET

Record 108-9 (including 85 straight league wins), 11 league titles, 10 in a row (1963-72)


Mt. Sac Cross Country Invitational

1963 2nd Place

1964 1st Place

1965 4th Place

1966 3rd Place

1967 2nd Place



Frosh/Soph TeamS



1968 2nd Place

1975 1st Place National Record


League MEET

Record 48-10 (1961-76), 6 league titles


Mt. Sac Cross Country Invitational (Frosh)

1963 1st Place

1964 2nd Place

1965 7th Place

1966 3rd Place

1967 1st Place



Varsity Cross Country Individuals


1966 Mike Solomon 7th

1966 Neil Sybert 8th


CIF MEET Top 10                                                    League MEET Top 10

1959 Joe Garrett 5th Place                                             1959 Joe Garrett 2nd Place

1962 Don Garrett 3rd Place                                           1963 Carl Trentadue 4th Place

1962 Dick Garrett 8th Place                                            1963 Jim Greenman 5th Place

1963 Carl Trentadue 7th Place                                      1963 Dick Garrett 6th Place

1963 Dick Garrett 9th Place                                            1963 Gordon Cooper 7th Place

1964 Mike Solomon 4th Place                                       1963 Charlie Appell 8th Place

1964 Jim Greenman 7th Place                                      1964 Mike Solomon League Champion

1964 Carl Trentadue 9th Place                                      1964 Charlie Appell 3rd Place

1965 Mike Solomon 6th Place                                       1964 Jim Greenman 4th Place

1965 Neil Sybert 9th Place                                              1964 Ken Trentadue 8th Place

1966 Mike Solomon 2nd Place                                      1964 David Rohde 9th Place

1966 Neil Sybert 4th Place                                              1965 Mike Solomon 2nd Place

1966 Ken Trentadue 7th Place                                      1965 Neil Sybert 3rd Place

1966 Tim Schroll 9th Place                                              1965 Tim Schroll 4th Place

1966 Charlie Parks 10th Place                                        1965 Charlie Parks 6th Place

1969 Don Diston 5th Place                                              1965 Bill Inglehart 7th Place

                                                                                                1966 Neil Sybert League Champion

                                                                                                1966 Tim Schroll 2nd Place

                                                                                                1966 Ken Trentadue 3rd Place

                                                                                                1966 Dennis Lyman 9th Place

                                                                                                1967 John Kilpatrick 4th Place

                                                                                                1967 Wayne Akiyama 7th Place

                                                                                                1967 Dennis Lyman 8th Place

                                                                                                1967 Greg Tittle 9th Place

                                                                                1967 Doug Schmenk 10th Place

                                                                                                1968 Don Diston 3rd Place

                                                                                1968 Steve Varga 4th Place

                                                                                                1968 John Kilpatrick 5th Place

                                                                                                1969 Don Diston League Champion

                                                                                                1969 Steve Varga 2nd Place

                                                                                                1969 Wayne Akiyama 5th Place

                                                                                                1969 Ken Hurst 8th Place

                                                                                                1969 Ted Mauter 10th Place

                                                                                                1970 Kevin Coleman 3rd Place

                                                                                                1972 Merle Peters 8th Place

                                                                                                1973 Dan Prince 5th Place

                                                                                                1973 John Alvarez 9th Place         

                                                                                                1974 Dan Prince 8th Place


Track & Field


Varsity TEAMS



Freeway League (1960-1961), Sunset League (1962-1971)

Record 27-49

1960       2-4

1961       1-4

1962       4-3

1963       2-5

1964       1-6

1965       4-1 (League Champions)

1966       5-2

1967       1-4

1968       0-7

1969       2-5

1970       3-3

1971       2-6



varsity Track individuals


Individual Track Records

1964 Ken Trentadue

2-Mile National 13 Year Old

Age Group Record (10:03)

1965 Carl Trentadue

State Record in Mile (4:08.3)

1974 Jill Caldwell

            State Meet Record (5:02.2)

                National Record (5:02.2)


League MEET Top finishers

1962 Don Garrett – Mile Champion

1964 Carl Trentadue – Mile Champion

1964 Ron Platt – 440 Champion

1965 Carl Trentadue – Mile Champion

1966 Mike Solomon – Mile Champion

1966 Neil Sybert – 2nd 2-Mile

1966 Bill Inglehart – 3rd 2-Mile

1967 Roy Calbo – 440 Champion

1967 Mike Solomon – Mile Champion

1967 Neil Sybert – 2-Mile Champion

1967 Tim Schroll – 2nd Mile


CIF MEET Top Finishers

1965 Carl Trentadue – Mile Champion (Meet Record 4:08.3)

1966 Mike Solomon – Mile 4th

1966 Bill Inglehart – 2 Mile 4th

1967 Mike Solomon – Mile Champion

1967 Neil Sybert – 2 Mile 4th

1974 Jill Caldwell – Mile Champion


State MEET Top Finishers

1965 Carl Trentadue – Mile 4th

1966 Mike Solomon – Mile 8th

1966 Bill Inglehart – 2 Mile 9th

1967 Mike Solomon – Mile Champion

1967 Neil Sybert – 2 Mile 8th 

1974 Jill Caldwell – Mile Champion


Mt. SAC TRACK & FIELD Invitational Meet

1965 – Distance Medley Relay (New Record - 10:24)

1966 - 4 by 1 Mile - 17:56.9

1967 – Distance Medley Relay (New Record - 10:21.1)


Individual Achievements post High School


1967 Carl Trentadue – Member of USC’s Indoor NCAA Champion Track Team

1967 Carl Trentadue – Member of USC’s Outdoor NCAA Champion Track Team

1968 Carl Trentadue – Member of USC’s Outdoor NCAA Champion Track Team

1968 Neil Sybert & Bill Inglehart – Members of Golden West Community College’s National Record 4 by 1 Mile Relay Team

1969 Mike Solomon – Member of Kansas University’s Indoor NCAA Champion Track Team

1970 Mike Solomon – Member of Kansas University’s Indoor NCAA Champion Track Team

1970 Mike Solomon – Member of Kansas University’s Outdoor NCAA Champion Track Team

1971 Doug Schmenk – Member of Cal State Fullerton’s NCAA Division II National Cross Country Championship Team

1973 Doug Schmenk – National AAU Marathon Champion